Customer Parking

For your convenience, WestCity has free customer car parking for up to four hours (P240) in the majority of the Centre car parks. There are also one and a half hour (P90) and five minute (P5) parking zones for more convenient shopping. These are all marked accordingly. If you work locally please talk to your workplace about alternative car parking options.



If you think you will be shopping for a while then park in the P240 area, as this will give you 4 free hours of parking. However, if you think you’ll be longer than this please get an extended parking coupon from our Customer Service Desk. The extended parking coupon will last for the whole day. It must be displayed on your dashboard to avoid receiving an infringement notice.

Car parks are for the use of WestCity customers only, so please don’t be offended if you are subsequently asked to verify that you have been shopping at the Centre.



If you exceed the time limit in the designated parking zone, you will be issued with an infringement notice and a $65 fee by Parking Enforcement Services. Payment is required within 21 days – please see the back of the notice for details.

If you were shopping for more than four hours in a P240 car park, please get in touch with us.

If you would like to appeal, simply write to Parking Enforcement Services, PO Box 8290 Symonds Street Auckland, and let them know why you are appealing. They can be contacted on 0800 727 536. For full parking terms & conditions click here.



You can find our mobility parking spots, located close to the entrances of the Centre.



At WestCity, we want to make shopping easier for those with young children. Just pull into one of our specially marked Parents with Prams parking spots, located close to the entrances of the Centre.